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Vinyl Days 2LP

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Vinyl Days is the highly anticipated seventh studio album from GRAMMY-nominated, multiplatinum artist Logic. Hosted by Funk Flex and driven by samples from the vinyl collection of MadLib collaborator, Egon, Vinyl Days boasts appearances from Wiz Khalifa, The Game, RZA, Action Bronson, Morgan Freeman, Earl Sweatshirt, Nardwaur, Anthony Fantano and more.


Side A:

1. Danger

2. Tetris

3. In my lifetime ft. Action Bronson

4. Decades

5. JJ Abrahams*


7. Quasi

8. Bleed It

9. LaDonda


Side B:

1. Aaron Judge

2. Clouds ft. Langston Bristol & Curren$y

3. Michael Rap*

4. Therapy Music ft. Russ

5. Tony Revolori*

6. Rogue One

7. Breath Control ft. Wiz Khalifa

8. NEMS*

9. Nardwuar ft. Doc D


Side C:

1. KickStyle ft. iamJMARS, Big Lenbo & C Dot Castro

2. EarlyBird*

3. Ten Years ft. Royce da 5’9”

4. Porta One ft. RZA

5. NeedleDrop*

6. Introducing Nezi ft. Nezi Momodu

7. Orville ft. Like, Blu & Exile

8. Carnival ft. AZ


Side D:

1. Lena's Insight*

2. Vinyl Days ft. DJ Premier

3. I guess I love it ft. The Game

4. Sayonara